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I've been developing software for over 10+ years starting with C++ and Perl and am currently focusing on PHP, MySQL and Python. I've worked with companies as diverse as Intuit, Levi Strauss, and several start up ventures; bringing experiences I've learned into every project I work on. My project management experience helps me keep organized and shows me the importance of updates and communication, while my programming experience allows me to understand the importance of documentation and flexibility.

My personal interests include robotics, home automation and playing musical instruments. I am an avid camper and enjoy going to isolated areas of the country to enjoy all that nature can provide. I also have an interest in woodworking and building things with my hands.

Latest Projects

Guides - main page

Personal Finance in High Schools

Digital delivery system for providing educational resources to high school teachers and students on personal finance. Using LMS integration and conversion of hard copy guidebooks to digital resources.

Client Admin - student program view

Client Administration System

Custom built dashboard system to allow a client to manage a diverse range of products provided by company. Uses Laravel, Wordpress/WooCommerce API’s, and custom PHP.

Personal Projects

Motor Testing

BetaBot – Child of Alphabot

Simple robot framework built using a custom Python framework on a Raspberry Pi that allows multiple configurations and different hardware builds via CLI commands.

Track My Cals screenshot

Track My Cals

Calorie tracking website/app for friends and family to keep track of caloric intake and output and to work together to achieve their goals. Built using Angular 2, PHP and MySQL. Includes basic google charts.

Google Maps Image

Trip Tracker 2008-2014

Simple android based app (originally Pocket PC) to take and upload GPS coordinates to a google map with nearby weather conditions and location based traffic camera integration. Built out a user interface as a wordpress plugin for placing on a simple blog site.