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Existing administration interface for our products was a hobbled together custom PHP nightmare that was ported from an old ASP system.  It was long overdue for an updating.


Implement a Piwik server for analytics, integrate the WordPress Customizer for client site offering, integrate content shopping system, add toolset functionality and other program offerings.

So we were deploying a new product offering, basically a simple blogging platform for customers who did not have dedicated staff to produce content for their members.  This product had some requirements:

  1. Provide content to users with limited or no time to update
  2. Allow the customer to modify their site on demand
  3. Have the ability to integrate our paid content options into their blog
  4. Manage the content that was posted there
  5. Be easy enough for non-technical staff to use.

So we setup a simple multi-site wordpress install to run all the blogs, but we couldn’t just provide backend access to the system because some users might not be able to understand how to use wordpress or have the time to learn how the system works.